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Uncomplicate every customer connection

In the ever-evolving world of customer experience, being steps ahead isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity. Welcome to the future of digital engagement. Sharpen revolutionizes your contact center with a cloud-native platform that simplifies every interaction. It's designed for seamless integration across voice and digital channels, ensuring that every customer connection is effortless and efficient.

Harmonize interactions with seamless omnichannel

Configuration with clicks—not code

Customers today expect a seamless experience regardless of how they interact with a business. Sharpen Logic, our decision-making omnichannel workflow builder, handles voice, chat, SMS, (and other channels) to ensure a consistent customer experience.

With a drag-and-drop interface, it’s easy to build and edit interaction flows without writing code. For inbound interactions, you can focus on getting your customers to the right agent or self-service automation. Or, take advantage of agentless outbound communication for proactive digital engagement.

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Integrate with ease

Customer journey data rarely lives in a single system—so we make it easy for you to use customer data stored across multiple platforms. Use Action Bots to extract, analyze, and make decisions based on data from your existing CRM or customer database.

Pair your CRM data with our Customer360 Bot—which analyzes historical trends for the customer at hand—and you’re on your way to personalized interactions at scale. If an interaction does route to an agent, they’ll see all of the customer’s data in a single view too.

Transform your voice-only call center

Meet customers on their preferred channels

Customers engage over a seemingly endless number of channels. Rapidly introduce omnichannel capabilities into your existing contact center and enable customers to connect how and where they choose.

Digital only in a hybrid environment

Sharpen messaging plays nice with your existing voice contact center (on-premises or cloud) to rapidly create the omnichannel customer experience your customers crave.

Elevate to video on demand

Empower your agents and customers to get on the same page and resolve issues faster by elevating to video messaging from chat, IVR, or text message interactions.

Connect, automate, and extend

Automate tasks for personalized self-service

With Sharpen Actions, it’s easy to automate simple tasks and empower customers to help themselves. Build alerts triggered by thresholds, customized text, and speech analytics, or multi-source data analytics. It’s your data—use it to make your customers’ lives easier.

Connect to existing contact center platforms or CRMs

Our cloud-based platform connects messaging to your existing on-premises or cloud contact center, or CRM. Quickly and easily add robust digital messaging to your Cisco, Avaya, Five9, Oracle, or Salesforce environments.

Order, edit, and route numbers instantly, and use flexible APIs to build lightning-quick connections across your systems and databases. Manage users, permissions, queues, and customer journeys all in a cloud-based interface that gives you more control than ever.

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Client testimonial

“Our customers demand Omnichannel solutions for their Cisco Contact Center Express contact centers. [Sharpen, formerly Webtext] provides exactly what AOS customers need – an out-of-the-box messaging solution which revolutionizes customer experience.”

Jon Helmer, VP of Cisco Programs
Alexander Open Systems

Boost engagement with proactive outbound

Reach out and engage customers

Today’s customers expect proactive engagement—and with Sharpen, doing that is a breeze. Import customer data and use intuitive tools to swiftly create targeted campaigns that communicate with customers through their preferred channels.

Sharpen OmniOut enables you to simply drag and drop to craft your outbound experience—within the same interface you use for your inbound experience. You control how you communicate with customers and what information you deliver at each stage of your outbound campaign, ensuring that each message is timely and relevant.

Take back control of your operations

Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated interfaces, support tickets, and long delays, and hello to truly owning your customer experience. Easily create omnichannel inbound and outbound flows for voice, chat, SMS, and other channels and manage your operations via our intuitive admin portal—from ordering numbers to configuring users, permissions, queues, and customer journeys.

Client testimonial

“One of the value adds of Sharpen was our ability to leverage SMS out of the platform. That’s something that we hadn’t done before and it has been a huge success for us….It’s [SMS] been a game changer.”

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Kevin Reddish, Chief Information Officer
Your Health Idaho

Empowered agents make satisfied customers

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