Better customer experience starts with better agent experience.

Built using advanced cloud-native architecture, Sharpen’s contact center platform is a configurable solution that provides leadership, operations and IT the tools and data they need to fully support their frontline customer service teams.

The result? Happier, more effective agents, free from distractions, who can focus on what matters most – your customers.

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Agent Experience Score
Agent Experience Score: The New Contact Center KPI
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Big Data Analytics on Your Terms
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Why Better Agent Experience Matters

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DMG Report 2017-2018

Will Contact Center and CRM technology merge in the next five years?

Download the report from DMG to get insight on the big changes that are shaping the cloud-based contact center market.

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Driving millions of customer service interactions for companies around the world each day.
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Success, By the Numbers

The world’s largest manufacturer of child safety products is finding real ROI, fast using Sharpen.

Improved the average inquiry handle time by


Improved First Contact Resolution by


8 Month Gain in ROI


The future of customer service is here. Are you ready?

The Omni-Channel Contact Center

Learn why omni-channel improves customer satisfaction.