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contact center software
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Omni-Channel Contact Center Platform

Built in the cloud with the features you need to provide an amazing customer experience because we believe it can always be better.

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VoIP Service

One less invoice is always a good thing. Consolidate your vendors, and keep everyone connected on the same high-quality voice network.

We Built A Better
Communication Platform.

Our omni-channel platform is designed to transform your contact center into an advanced communication hub. With all the fundamental features in one interface, agents move seamlessly between SMS, MMS, live web chat, phone, email and social with all the tools and information they need at their fingertips. Our goal was a platform that simplified the contact center without sacrificing features.

With open REST APIs, artificial intelligence, virtual agents and real-time agent training, it’s also a developer’s playground. A laboratory for problems begging to be solved.

contact center software
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Call Quality

We’re always monitoring our network’s performance to give you the industry’s lowest latency.

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Scale up or down in real time to almost any capacity. Adding 50 new agents? Consider it done.

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We’re so confident in our platform, we financially back our 99.999% uptime guarantee.

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In the office, at work or across the world. No matter where you go, there we are.

John Hunt – Sr. Director of Operations, onPeak

“If you’re not using Sharpen, you’re on the wrong side of history.”

Our Architecture Sets Us Apart From the Competition.

We invested several years in developing what is now the foundation of our modern communications platform. Built from the ground up, our solution is based on a global microservices, cloud-native architecture, HTML5, multi-level REST APIs, and webhooks. We’ve written the PBX, contact center and integrations on top of the platform to deliver a scalable, flexible and future-ready solution. Sharpen is also a registered telco in order to be an all-inclusive solution and offer maximum compatibility and voice quality.

With our unique architecture, Sharpen’s platform can truly be anything you want it to be.

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Open Rest API’s

Flexible technology that allows platform access, configurability, and integrations.

contact center software
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Registered Telco Company

We found a better way of dealing with phone circuits, so we handle it for you.


Technology stacks can get complicated very quickly. In fact, we speak with many companies that tell us they copy and paste to “sync data” between platforms.

We built our integrations to be efficient and useful (and free). Your agents have access to the information they need in one interface so they can work quickly. Oh, and our integrations sync data in real-time, so you can stop copying and pasting.

contact center software
contact center software


We’re passionate about helping you develop and keep your agents. With Sharpen, it’s easy for supervisors to review calls within the platform, and add color coded comments, questions or feedback to the recording. Employees are able to respond to supervisor comments, creating a collaborative training environment within the platform.

Analytics & Reporting

Make decisions based on data. Our reporting and analytics includes data on every communication channel your contact center uses in one place. With both real-time data and historical reports, you’ll have insights into your contact center’s performance and the agility to adjust.

Sean Rassi – VP of Design and Technology, Poly-Wood, Inc.

“The true business value in Sharpen is connectivity. Our customers need to reach our team quickly and easily.
With industry-leading software and applications, Sharpen helps us get in touch with them faster.”

contact center software
contact center software

Benefits of Cloud Contact Centers

All contact centers are not created equal. Cloud-native contact centers provide the most advantageous of the various deployment options for customer service teams to execute more meaningful customer interactions. Products which are natively built in the cloud provide the most sustainable, resilient, scalable technology.

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