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Sharpen's vision for human-centric contact centers means happy agents, satisfied customers, and successful CX leaders.

Founded in 2011, Sharpen is driven by a vision to transform contact centers into spaces where people don’t just connect out of necessity but because they genuinely enjoy the interaction. Our mission to reinvent contact centers is rooted in the unique experiences of each individual—customers, supervisors, and administrators alike—while holding a deep belief in the paramount importance of agents in the customer experience. We envision a world where these vital individuals are not just part of the process but the heart of it.

The Sharpen platform delivers a seamless blend of human-centric design and AI technology. This combination delivers a union of efficiency and empowerment, offering insights and streamlined processes that make each connection more meaningful and engaging.

Sharpen is forging a future where contact centers are vibrant hubs of positive engagement. Here, technology is thoughtfully integrated to support and elevate every interaction. Our commitment is to make contact centers both operationally excellent and places where every conversation, every support ticket, and every interaction becomes a moment of genuine connection and satisfaction.

In this endeavor, Sharpen is not only envisioning a new era for contact centers but also actively shaping it to create an environment that people love to connect with, for support, for solutions, and for meaningful interactions.

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