The AI Contact Center for an Anywhere Workforce

Call center software that delivers engaging agent and customer experiences. Anywhere, anytime.

Why SharpenCX

Implement With Ease

Unify communications and contact center solutions into a single, optimized, remote-friendly experience. Deploy with minimal onboarding time.

Data, Dashboards, Analytics, Your Way

Measure and record service interactions the same way on every channel. We’re built for custom data reporting and analytics, measuring your ROI from day one.

Support Your Agents’ Growth and Retention

Foster agent engagement and agent development with timely, data-driven self-coaching and built in performance management.

All-in-one, native CCaaS/UCaaS/Telco

Simplify your tech stack and support all your organizational needs for business users and agents.

Intelligently Connect Your Favorite Applications

Integrate with your existing communication, productivity, and workflow applications. Low code / no-code interface makes data easy to query, export and automate.

AI and Configuration with Clicks – Not Code

Deliver superior customer experiences through AI-supported decision-making and automated workflows.

Obvious ROI

Gain efficiencies and insights across your organization with our modern interface. We scale quickly to meet spikes in demand – which means you can too.

Corporate business meeting in modern office with glass walls, flare from the sunlight and reflections on the glass while business discussions take place amongst board members.


Everything You Need to Sell CCaaS
Join our network of experts transforming the future of call center technology. Bring SharpenCX into your deal, and transform the way your clients interact with their customers. They’ll be empowered using tools designed with their success in mind.


Bring Your Customer Data Together
SharpenCX’s open API and world-class security allow you to link all of your customer interactions in one place, keeping your data secure and available just to you.

Deploy off-the-shelf integrations with common platforms, or engage our team and build your own.


See SharpenCX
in Action

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