Automate to liberate
customers and agents

Admit it. Traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are dreadful. Luckily, there's a sharper way to self-serve with conversational AI.

Empower better conversations with advanced AI

Say goodbye to robotic IVR systems and hello to Sharpen Conversational AI. Thanks to the wonders of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), our system understands more than basic commands—it gets context and emotion.

Customer feeling frustrated? The system senses it and quickly gets them to someone who can help. This is IVR with a human touch, making every interaction smoother, quicker, and more like chatting with a friend than a faceless agent.

Welcome to smarter, empathetic customer service with Sharpen.

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Your shortcut to custom voice solutions

Create custom, personalized voice solutions simply and swiftly with ready-to-use voice app templates for common use cases for your industry. Dive into our Template Center, pick one that matches your business needs, and then personalize it to fit your brand’s unique voice and operations. With Sharpen, your perfect voice application is just a few tweaks away.

Complex voice recognition, simplified

Simplify voice recognition by automatically accessing multiple leading AI engines—like Nuance, Google, Amazon, and IBM—to interpret each spoken request. Our system combines the results to deliver a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the customer’s needs.

Inject new life into VXML

IT hates maintaining legacy VXML, and finance hates the cost of rewriting voice applications.  It’s time to make this a process everyone will be happy with.  Easily migrate your VXML application to modernize your existing IVR and bridge the gap between “press 1” and “How can I help you? ” with conversational A.I.

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Automate customer and agent tasks for personalized self-service

Empower your customers to help themselves—while still getting a personalized experience—by automating simple tasks in your interaction flows. Use Sharpen Actions to build custom workflows that use your data to trigger actions or gather information from your customers.

Insightful interaction surveys

Combine real survey feedback with your interaction data to infuse heart into your customer experiences. Customer feedback is the missing puzzle piece in understanding your customer’s journey. Simple, intuitive, and insightful surveys are a direct path to a complete customer view.

Sharpen surveys bring customer insight right into the heart of your service interactions. It’s about linking what they say to their experiences with your agents. It’s the missing puzzle piece in understanding your customer’s journey – combining real feedback with the full story of their experience. Simple, intuitive, and insightful, it’s your direct path to a complete customer view.

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