Sharpen OmniOut

Your Omnichannel Outbound Solution

Use Outbound on Any Channel to Connect With Your Customers

Stop getting ignored by your customers. Most people, 97%, reject calls from businesses or unknown numbers. Even if you’re calling from the same area code. They’ve been conditioned to ignore you. But digital channels, like email and SMS, are significantly more effective in actually connecting your team to people. That’s why we built OmniOut. An AI-driven outbound tool that lets you connect with people where they want to connect. And if that is still the phone, well, we’ve got you covered there, too.

OmniOut Campaign List

Build Lists or Assign Campaign Groups

Share data between your OmniOut campaigns and customer databases. Add new contacts or use existing records to create a list and reach customers however they’d like. You control the timing and the channel for every step in your outbound campaign.

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Configuring your campaign

Configure Your Outbound Campaign in 4 Steps

Once you have your list, configure your outbound campaign in four steps. First, pick your campaign source. Then, select your campaign. From there pick your time frame and step four is to build your cadence. Once you’re inside of your cadence, the first action might be an email. And, the next could be a new option called Agentless.

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Watch an On-Demand Demo

See how Sharpen can help your contact center when you watch this instant 15-minute demo.

Remove the human element with agentless interaction

Add AI-Driven Outbound Using Agentless Interactions

Automate your outbound interactions on every channel, whether it’s one-to-one or one-to-many. Let customers know a technician is on the way. Or send appointment reminders. You can even send notifications if a customer has a car service due soon or an order confirmation and tracking. The possibilities (and channels) are endless.

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Visual building with Logic+

Visually Build Your Interaction Routes With Logic+

Route interactions with a drag-and-drop flow builder and see your customer paths come to life. Using Logic+ for both inbound and outbound, you’re never tied to a single channel. You can start a cadence with an email, move to Agentless, then end with an SMS text or phone call. Do whatever makes sense for your customers. Then, refine your paths based on the data you collect.

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Using data to improve CX

Use Data to Improve Your Experiences

Track your conversions, response rates and total impressions alongside every other interaction type in your center. Because, just like everything else in our platform, OmniOut data feeds right into Sharpen Insights. Build reports and dashboards that help you, and your executive team, see exactly what’s happening in every OmniOut campaign. That way, you can make confident choices for a better customer experience.

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