Featured Image for the blog: We're One of the Top 100 Best Places to Work in Indiana

We’re excited to announce that we made the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s list of the Top 100 Best Places to Work!

And, it makes sense that an organization that was formed to help companies form great relationships with their customers would naturally take care of their own employees, too.

Leading the customer experience revolution doesn’t come easy, after all. Everyone has to be on board…and at Sharpen, we are.

We’re not here for the accolades, though. Everything we write, code, design, build, sell, and support is aimed at helping companies create better customer experiences through a better agent experience.

It’s what we were built for.

But it’s really how we go about it that makes the difference. As our CEO describes it, “…at Sharpen, we do not adhere.”

The status quo feels comfortable and familiar, but not revolutionary. That’s why, when our founders were dreaming up this platform, they started with fresh eyes. They didn’t iterate on an existing platform. Instead, they brainstormed what users – agents and their managers – actually wanted. And they thought about what the industry needed. And then, we got to work.

Their original approach simply became “The Sharpen Way,” and everything that’s powerful about the product reflects the process/environment of its creation—

Put another way, how/why Sharpen works is how/why Sharpenites work.

Our platform is a cloud-native, omnichannel solution that allows customers and agents to work together to resolve issues, without the added stress of navigating convoluted systems. Sharpen’s workforce operates similarly—a collaborative team, all rowing in the same direction.

The result? We get more done with less friction.

Sharpen provides agents with a simple, clean interface to work in. It’s like our work environment, which is void of tedious micromanaging, arbitrary protocols, etc.

In other words, people can simply do what they need to do.

We built our microservices architecture for countless integrations that allow for major customization and optimization. And, our org chart is no different. We value working, and innovating, together.

Our platform is based on the idea that happy agents make happy customers. A happy workplace creates a happy company that creates a happy product that creates happy agents that create happy customers.

While it is undoubtedly fulfilling to earn this recognition, it’s not why we do what we do. It’s not about having a “cool” workplace with a stocked kitchen, flexible time off, gym and phone incentives, etc. (though we are that and have those).

It’s about helping agents help their customers, and that’s really it. Day in and day out, we practice what we preach, meaning: we help each other, and help our community too. That’s the Sharpen way. And we couldn’t be more thrilled about where it will lead us next.

Learn more about who we are (and how to join us) here.