Usable AI™

Finally, AI that makes sense

Say hello to practical AI solutions that actually work for your contact center. Easy to implement and manage, Sharpen’s Usable AI platform focuses on solving specific problems to boost efficiency while providing an immediate return on your investment.


Ditch the BS, Get the Answers: AI That Cuts to the Chase

With so many AI options and concerns about complexity, reliability, and human oversight, it’s challenging to know where to start or how to implement AI effectively.

We take a pragmatic approach to AI, focusing on practical solutions that deliver maximum value with minimal complexity, so your team can solve real problems without the tech headaches.


The CX Glow-Up You’ve Been Waiting For (Minus the Price Tag). Thanks, AI.

Your agents do the same thing over and over again.  Why not take the weight off their shoulders? Sharpen’s Usable AI platform slashes handle times, boosting customer satisfaction and making agents’ jobs easier and more enjoyable, leading to an overall improved agent experience.

Enhance quality assurance and tackle day-to-day problems with real-time insights, allowing your supervisors to respond in the moment.

Designed for humans: AI and it’s not just artificially intelligent

Our Usable AI platform works alongside your team, enhancing their capabilities without taking over, and always keeping humans in the loop with built-in safeguards.

With Sharpen, turning on AI is as simple as flipping a switch—no coding, just intuitive tools that any agent or supervisor can use.

Step into AI at your own pace with Sharpen’s Usable AI platform – solutions that grow with your needs, without breaking the bank and work on day one.

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