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Customers expect every interaction to be the best experience they’ll have with your company. The challenge is, though, that despite being a priority, most companies are failing at providing that incredible experience. In fact, a slim 8 percent of customers feel like they’re receiving a great customer service experience; compared to the 80 percent of organizations who think they’re nailing the CX.

With attentions and budgets around customer experience growing don’t you think it’s time to get real and address the root issues behind your customers’ satisfaction? To improve your customer experience, treat your agents the way you want them to treat your customers. Customer satisfaction simply can’t happen when you have a team of dissatisfied agents.

Our team at Sharpen saw the challenges call center managers are dealing with to provide strong coaching and training opportunities to improve the agent and customer experience. So, we built a product to help. Join us at 1 p.m. EST on Thursday, Nov. 15 for the CRMXchange technical demo as two of our product experts show you how you can use Sharpen’s agent-first platform to power agent efficiency, effectiveness, and empowerment in your contact center.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you tune in:

  • How to simplify your agents’ experience at work. So you can empower them to help your customers and be more rewarded by their work.
  • How to use in-line coaching to give your agents contextual feedback in the moment.
  • What you can do with scorecards to develop your agents.
  • How our insights and analytics can help you optimize your customer journey and agents’ experience.

In its current state, coaching your agents can’t happen on the fly. The entire process is disjointed and time-consuming. In fact, we’ve found managers spend some 25 hours a week reviewing calls, looking for coaching moments. And they spend only about 3 hours actually coaching agents. That’s a whole lot of time spent digging through your agents’ calls instead of digging into your agents’ skills and working with them to improve. Add on the hefty process of adapting your customer journey, and your job as a manager moves away from developing your agents and improving customer satisfaction into the realm of tedious administrative work.

We’re walking you through how to use Sharpen’s agent-first platform to leave quick, actionable feedback for your agents in minutes. And, how to use pre-developed scorecards to rate agent-customer interactions instantly. Sharpen uses A.I. to serve you coaching moments based on unique criteria you choose. So you can automatically monitor all your channels for keywords and triggers that need your attention. Once a coaching moment is triggered, it will show up in your coaching queue along with the related interaction. Then, you can tag the interaction with feedback and ship it off to your agents to start an in-line conversation.

Why is feedback so important?

When you give agents feedback they can act on that’s customized down to a specific interaction, they get relevant tips to improve how they handle customer interactions. They learn quickly if they dragged out an interaction or if they missed frustrated undertones in a customer’s voice. Then, they can take the notes you give them and apply them to future interactions. So they don’t make the same mistake in later conversations. Or if they nailed it, they’ll take your praise and enthusiasm and transfer that positivity back to your customers.

When you score your agents on how they handle customers, you empower them to keep improving and find new ways to problem-solve. Grading agents on predetermined criteria, you can see if they’re hitting the points most important to your business and customers. Agents can see in an instant if they need to spend time reviewing an interaction. Or, they can see if they knocked it out of the park with a high score. And, you don’t have to recreate feedback and type out answers to the same questions for every interaction you review. With a few clicks, you can check off your needed boxes and move on to coaching more agents. Better yet, when agents know you’re engaged and involved with their work, they know you’ve taken a personal interest in developing them and helping them grow.

Analytics help you be a better coach, too.

With completely customizable data and reporting, you can easily keep tabs on specific agents’ performance and track your most important KPIs. Your contact center is unique, so you’ll have unique measurements and goals that make you successful. Customizable data helps you measure what’s important in your contact center. So you don’t have to sift through all the added fluff. Plus, easy-to-build dashboards help you share relevant metrics and information with specific agents, other leaders, and your entire team. You can quickly swap needed data to work for the meeting you have in an hour, or for your one-on-one with your top-notch agent next week.

When you couple deep analytics with better coaching and training for your agents, you get a better experience for your customers.

Your contact center platform should work FOR your business without guidelines and restrictions that limit your success. Get on board for a one-hour sneak peek of an agent-first platform built to solve the decades of frustrations felt by contact center leaders, agents, and customers alike. You’ll see how a seamless agent experience quickly turns into a happier team of agents delivering better experiences for your customers. Choosing data-driven tools that are nimble and easy to navigate give you the resources you need to up your agents’ satisfaction and help your customers in a real way.

About your speakers:

Adam Settle, VP of Product

Say hello to Sharpen's VP of Product, Adam Settle

Adam is an experienced education professional who has a history in the computer software industry. He’s skilled in sales, coaching, team building, and training development. Adam is a strong facilitator, combining his advanced study of education with his time as a trainer at Apple. At Sharpen, Adam and his team create tools for contact centers to improve the experience of being a manager and an agent.

Don Stewart, Director of Platform Enablement

Meet our Director of Platform Enablement, Don Stewart

Don’s been in the contact center industry for +20 years. He got his start as an agent. Then, he moved from QA and development, to marketing, sales, sales engineering, and platform enablement. He’s conducted hundreds of demos for Sharpen’s Contact Center software, learning what customers love, what they’d love to see, and working to enable our development teams with direct feedback to influence the product roadmap.

Get the link to the past webinar to see Sharpen’s agent-first platform in action, here!