Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights

What happens when you partner with a CCaaS that started as a telco, has built its identity around data cohesion and easy integration, and prioritizes customer and agent satisfaction?
It means spending your time finding patterns in customer behaviors and developing your agents, instead of spending your days digging through endless mounds of uncorrelated data.
It means working with your agents to streamline processes and empower performance by setting expectations that enable customer satisfaction. Our flexible platform can help your team meet and exceed expectations at every touchpoint.

Custom reports shouldn’t be extra

Your data reporting should be as unique as your company’s goals.

  • Build custom reports (and define your own metrics) for free
  • Easily analyze data across channels
  • Leverage shared insights and analytics from the SharpenCX community

Use default reports, or build custom reports, to give you the insights that matter to your organization. Analyze cross-channel customer interactions in one interface and easily obtain the data you need to optimize the customer experience. Plus, our data science team will work with you to create reports you will actually use in your day-to-day operations—for free.


See and understand your data faster

Make it easy to read and understand the data that comes out of your contact center. Every customer interaction can be captured and analyzed in charts that are totally customizable. Use the data to build AI automations, find weak spots, and capture successes to share across teams.


Show agents how they’re performing against your goals

When your agents know they’re crushing their performance, and they know you know, they’ll give your customers a better, more attentive experience. Things like dashboards and wallboards give visibility to your teams, and to your executives, so you can piece together data points from throughout Sharpen Insights and have a quick look at the full picture of your agent performance.

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