Provide consistent, omnichannel experiences and eliminate routine tasks using built-in low/no-code AI engagements, self-service and routing.

Create a Better Experience Through Automation

Customers expect a seamless experience across all channels when interacting with businesses. Whether they're walking into a physical store, making a phone call, or chatting online – consistency is key. Simple automations can help you provide the customer experience your agents and customers need.

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Create Consistency Through Omnichannel Workflows

Customers today expect a seamless experience regardless of how they are interacting with a business. Sharpen Logic is our decision-making, omnichannel workflow builder that replaces traditional IVR. It handles voice, chat, SMS, (and other channels) to ensure a consistent customer experience. With a drag and drop interface, it's easy to build and edit interaction flows without writing code. For inbound interactions, you can focus on getting your customers to the right person or self-service automation. Or, take advantage of agentless outbound communication for proactive digital engagement.

Automate Customer and Agent Tasks for Personalized Self-service

With Sharpen Actions, automate simple tasks in your interaction flows to let customers help themselves while still getting a personalized experience. Build custom workflows like alerts triggered by thresholds, customized text and speech analytics, or multi-source data analytics. It’s your data – use it to trigger or gather what matters most to your business.

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Integrate with Clicks

Customer journey data rarely has a single home -- so we built tools to enable you to use customer data stored across multiple platforms. With Action Bots, extract data from your existing CRM or customer database, analyze it, and make decisions based on the findings. Pair your CRM data with our Customer360 Bot (which analyzes historical trends for that customer), and you're on your way to personalized interactions at scale, automatically. If an interaction does go to a team member, they'll see all of the data in a single view too.

Create Outbound Engagement

Build your digital engagement outreach in Sharpen by importing customer data to create targeted campaigns – communicating with customers through their preferred channels. With Sharpen OmniOut, craft your outbound experience with simple drag and drop tools the same way you’d craft your inbound experience. You control how you communicate with customers and what information you give them at each stage of your outbound campaign.



“One of the value adds of Sharpen was our ability to leverage SMS out of the platform. That’s something that we hadn’t done before and it has been a huge success for us….It’s [SMS] been a game changer.”

Kevin Reddish, Chief Information Officer
Your Health Idaho

Empowered Agents Make Satisfied Customers

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