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Chatbots will change the way your contact center does customer service.

As chatbot technology continues to improve, we’ll begin to see an increase in companies that implement them for customer service purposes. While there are some critical faults with current chatbots, progressive solutions are being rapidly developed. With the right chatbot solution, companies have the incredible ability to be more efficient and reach more people – all while keeping the interactions personalized and memorable. In fact, it’s likely that one day, we’ll have a conversation with customer service, and never really know if we’re speaking to a human or a chatbot. Who, or what, was on the other end of the conversation won’t even matter if the experience feels genuine and your problem was solved. With continual development, chatbots will do just that – solve problems with, and potentially without, a real or figurative human touch.Learn more about chatbots and how they’re changing the landscape of customer service in our “The Anatomy of a Chatbot” Ebook.

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The Anatomy Of A Chatbot