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The world is changing faster than most of us can keep up with. If you didn’t believe that before 2020, there’s no way you can deny it now. 

Digital consumerism went into total overdrive in 2020. Today more than ever, people across the globe are looking to the internet to do almost everything. We buy our groceries online. We order that new pair of shoes, a stick of gum, a new kitchen – all online. Now, we even tune into virtual events and fundraisers and weddings and…well, you get the idea. We’re all becoming digital-first consumers, and our expectations from contact centers are growing because of it. 

All this means contact centers are having to work extra hard to keep up with their customers’ habits. Customers are becoming more decisive and efficient– but also more impatient

So how do you get new customers? And even more importantly, how do you hold on to them? We’ve done some research for you to find out what customers are looking for in your contact center. And the results are in! The keys to customer loyalty are consistency, speed, omnichannel service, and friendliness. 

We’re sharing these 17 contact center statistics to help you keep your customers happy.

“I feel the need…the need for speed!”

1.To American consumers these days, speed. is. everything. Some 80% say speed of customer service is one of the most important parts of a positive experience. No matter what channel we’re talking about.

2. 78% of customers expect to solve complex issues by speaking to one person.

3. For quick and simple questions, 68% of customers would rather use self-service channels.

4. One of the top five reasons customers leave your company is because they can’t switch between channels easily.

Consistency is key

5. Customers expect companies to feel unified. In fact, 72% of customers expect every agent to have the same information about them

6. And yet, many companies still feel siloed. Fifty-nine percent of customers say it feels like they’re communicating with separate departments. Not one company.

7. Customers want to enjoy their whole journey with a company. Every interaction matters – not just the first touchpoint. Companies that streamline the customer journey result in 35% higher customer satisfaction.

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Omnichannel service keeps your customers hooked

8. Over half of your customers actually prefer digital channels over traditional ones. That includes 68% of Millennials/Gen-Zers.

9. Using omnichannel strategies? Good, because a whopping 86% of customers now expect service conversations to move seamlessly between channels. 

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10. 90% of customers say that a “live chat” button on a company’s website gives them confidence in getting help when they need it.

11. More than half, 52%, of customers are also more likely to make repeat purchases with a company that provides live chat support.

12. Over 50% of customers would rather text customer service than call. Which makes sense, given that no one likes sitting on hold!

13. Not only that, but 64% of customers view a company that texts them in a more positive light. And a happy customer turns into more referrals for family and friends.

Friendliness is the name of the game

14. PwC found that 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience

15. But a whopping 92% of customers abandon the brand after two or three negative experiences.

16. Having a friendly service interaction is the number one factor that determines if customers trust your company. 

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17. If you do customer service right, your Millennial customers are the most likely of any generation to stay loyal and recommend your brand to family and friends.

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We originally published this post on November 27, 2017 and we updated it for new insight on September 10, 2020.