Customer Experience

Interacting with your customers should be easy.

Raise your customer’s expectations (and then beat those too) using tools that make interacting with your agents easy.

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Give customers the power to choose how they interact

Using bots and agents in tandem, your customers get answers to questions like, “What’s my balance?” without waiting for an available agent. Then, for more complex cases, they’ll get a team member’s undivided attention for complete resolution – whether they’re on the phone, texting, emailing, or anywhere in-betweening.

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Optimize your customer’s experience using data

Take a deep look at what your customers think of your company, your agents and your entire support process. Using tools like customer surveys or sentiment analysis, you can put the data you collect into action for better training and a better customer experience.

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Keep their information your top priority

Protect the integrity of your customer and their information as you customize their experience. As a cloud-native platform, we built Sharpen with security and compliance as a priority to give you peace of mind as you interact.

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Make interacting with you easy

Streamline customer experience and reduce customer effort using automation tools that make interacting with your company easy. Create bot-driven workflows, access data from your CRM or automate easy tasks (hello, password reset requests) so your agents can focus on helping customers who are really in a bind.

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