Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Create unforgettable customer experiences with a platform designed to meet them where they are. Any channel. Any time.

Design the Perfect Customer Experience

Create omnichannel user flows for faster and better service – no coding necessary.


Help Customers Faster

Use AI-automated outbound tools and agents in tandem – your customers can get answers to simple questions without waiting for an agent. For more complex cases, they’ll get a team member’s undivided attention, complete with a 360º customer history, so no repeating is necessary for first-call resolution. Build proactive agentless engagement strategies to reach out to your customers by phone, text or email.

Build Loyalty Through Consistency

Your customers expect the same experience whether they’re walking into your brick-and-mortar storefront, picking up the phone to call in or starting up a webchat. Create a consistent customer experience on every channel using Sharpen Logic, a decision-making, omnichannel workflow builder that replaces traditional IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Build and edit interaction flows without writing code. Use it in tandem with Sharpen Actions to pull in data from an integrated CRM to personalize interactions or trigger automations.


Provide Personalization at Scale

The more your agents know about your customers, the better they can tailor their responses. Using Sharpen Actions, you can automate workflows and simple inquiries, and configure detailed conditional decisions to optimize the customer experience.

Guard Your Customers’ Data Privacy & Security

Protect the integrity of your customer’s information as you customize their experience. We built SharpenCX with security and compliance as a priority.

Own Your Own Data

You’re responsible for the ownership of the data, and it’ll remain in your ownership. Our data processing agreement and protection policy detail that we’ll be a responsible steward of your data. Our built-in security, granular permissions and strong user authentications are easy to understand and maintain.

Be Confident in Your Compliance

SharpenCX maintains an organizational Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with NIST best practices. We also follow Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) best practices. Our team members are trained annually on data privacy policies and best practices, and we perform an extensive compliance review and approval process before we license or use any third-party tools. 

We are SOC2 certified based on 3rd party examination and ensure HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Make It Easy to Connect

It shouldn’t feel like work for your customers to ask for your help or share feedback.


Inbound or Outbound

Reduce customer effort to reach out using automation tools that make interacting with you easy. Create AI-driven workflows, access data from your CRM and automate easy tasks (hello, password reset requests!) so your agents can focus on helping customers with more complex questions.

Improve CSAT with Digital Engagement Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys make it easy to get opinions from your customers, measure happiness, hear what they want and find out what they expect when they interact with you. Poll customers after any interaction type, through a text or email, for immediate data on where you’re winning – and where you can improve.


Get Through Every Time

Automate phone calls, SMS and email to send your customers appointment reminders, ask them to pay a bill, opt-in for deals and promotions, or collect feedback with CSAT surveys. A staggering 97% of consumers reject or ignore phone calls from a business or a person they don’t know — don’t get lost in the noise.


“We diverted 2,100 calls on Monday with customer-specific IVRs, which would have been about a third of our total volume on Monday. That would have sunk us. I’d like to point a lot of that success to SharpenCX.”

Tyler Dye, Manager Global Support Operations

Build A Better Customer Experience

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