Sharpen Logic

Omnichannel workflow builder

Logic is our decision-making, omnichannel IVR that enables you to create personalized customer journeys on any channel. Unlike static, traditional IVR experiences, Logic tailors the experience to each customer's unique needs and your agent’s skillset.

The result? Happier customers and a more efficient contact center.

Screenshot of Sharpen logic process

Create consistent, omnichannel experiences

Logic handles voice, chat, SMS, social media, and every other interaction channel to provide a consistent customer journey—regardless of where an interaction begins—flexing as needed to provide the optimal customer experience. Logic can automatically trigger Action Bots to grab and analyze data from your existing tools and make decisions based on what it finds.

Trigger Action Bots based on your data

With the ability to grab, analyze, and decision data from your existing tools, Action Bots enable you to automate and personalize routing experiences—at scale. Use Action Bots to automate responses, complete tasks, or trigger subsequent actions without the help of an agent. If a customer interaction becomes too complex or your existing customer data predicts they’ll need personal assistance, route them to the most appropriate agent.

See where customers abandon

Since Logic and our ACD work seamlessly together on the same platform, you can easily monitor your customer’s journey from a single source of truth. Identify where customers are abandoning and target automated efforts for a better customer experience.

Track and refine the customer journey

All interaction data from Logic is displayed in Insights, giving managers a practical way to monitor performance and take action to improve systems, processes, and agent coaching. With full visibility into customer routing and interaction details, you can see what is—and isn’t—working so you can create more efficient Logic workflows.

Make changes with clicks—not code

With Logic’s low-code editor, contact center managers of all skill levels can comfortably optimize the customer journey without tagging in a third-party partner or system administrator. In just a few clicks, you can build or refine your customer journey and improve the overall customer (and agent) experience.

Client Testimonial

“We had an on premise system that was outdated and cumbersome to use. We liked the control we would have with Sharpen to manage the call flows.”

Jordan Cotterell, Director of Member Service

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