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Why be great when you can be exceptional? One brand is taking that mantra and running with it, and that’s Grubhub. The Chicago-based company is the Emmit Smith of the restaurant delivery game. For our readers that don’t know sports, Smith is the all-time leading rusher in NFL history with 18,335 yards. Which is exceptional – much like Grubhub. Going above and beyond, that’s the Grub.

In a competitive market, they’ve managed to stand out from the pack. Evolving the game and consistently delivering exceptional customer service. Take a look at how Grubhub is redefining the customer service game, so you can take inspiration back to your call center.


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1. Impeccable App Experience

When you’re hangry and trying to order food, a complicated experience is the last thing you’re looking for. Grubhub has its customer’s backs in that regard. There’s a reason Tom’s Guide ranked them the #1 food delivery service for 2021. From the moment you download the Grubhub app, you know you’re in good hands. The process of getting food to your doorstep (pickup options are also available) couldn’t be any simpler. Fire up the app, type in your address, browse a delightful list of options, make a selection, pay, and relax. It’s that simple.

In-app digital experiences meet customers where they are

Available in over 4,000 cities, Grubhub puts a laundry list of restaurants (30,000+) at your fingertips. Whatever your mood, Grubhub is ready to satisfy your hunger. Not just a tummy-satisfier, Grubhub can also be kind to your wallet. Their subscription, Grubhub+, gives you free delivery all for $9.99 a month. Make two purchases a month on Grubhub and the subscription pays for itself. Grubhub also offers a rewards program, Perks, which offers bonuses from your favorite local eateries. One restaurant may offer a free cookie, another may offer $5 off your order, and another may give you free delivery. At any given moment, there are tons of Perks to claim.

Special perks incentivize customers to stay loyal to your brand

2. Helping Restaurants

Being in the food delivery service industry, Grubhub operates in a unique space. They’re the middle-man. They bridge the gap between you and the restaurant you’ve ordered from. It’d be very easy for them to focus solely on the direct relationships with their customers and drivers. But easy isn’t the Grubhub way (why be great when you can be exceptional?). Much like I’m doing here, they provide tools to help restaurants deliver exceptional service and improve the customer experience. They know the more they support restaurants in delivering a standout experience, the better it is for their customers, too.

Take these two articles published on the Grubhub blog as an example of customer-first thinking:

    1. How to Deliver More Memorable Customer Experiences

    1. Improving Customer Delivery Experiences

In both, they offer free insight for restaurants to improve customer experiences. Delivering positive dining adventures results in happy customers. Happy diners are likely to return. Returning business means more profit. It’s the circle of life…or the restaurant business, I suppose.

3. Simple and Exceptional Customer Service

Incorrect orders are a real pain (for you and Grubhub). In the event that you don’t get what you paid for, Grubhub makes it super easy for you to rectify the situation. They have two contact methods, phone and chat. If you’re anything like me and avoid phone conversations like the plague, this is perfect. The chat is super easy to use. Start by hitting “account” at the bottom of the app, tap “help”, select the order you had an issue with and report the issue. From there, you’ll head to Grubhub’s online chat. Then, you communicate with an agent and they help you solve the problem (likely with a refund or replacement order). It’s that simple. Skeptical? Take a look at these two reviews from G2 and see for yourself.

Good reviews prove Grubhub has exceptional customer service

Customers aren't afraid to call out good customer service

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4. Safe & Responsible Ordering

In this Covid world, we’ve all had to make adjustments and alter our standard practices to ensure our safety. Grubhub is no different. Working to ensure the safety of all involved parties (customers, drivers, and restaurants), they now offer contact-free delivery. Meaning your delivery driver will drop your food off at your doorstep, in your lobby, or in a safe area you designate. And upon delivery, your driver will text or call you so you can retrieve your yummies. Talk about exceptional customer service.

The best part is, the option is automatically selected. So unless you opt out, contact-free delivery is available to all. Additionally, Grubhub used public health guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to give recommendations to their drivers and restaurants. They’ve created new guidelines for employees, restaurants, and drivers centered around good hygiene, taking care of yourself if you’re sick, and using precautions when interacting with others. Shoutout to Grubhub for putting safety first.

5. Grubhub Guarantee

Grubhub is always looking out for its users. So much so that they have a guarantee program. The Grubhub Guarantee is their way of saying they want you to get the best price and on-time delivery with every meal.

Bbal GIF

Well, isn’t that something!? A company that doesn’t want to gouge you for all the money they can. Ok Grubhub, we see you. With their lowest price guarantee, if you find a better price with one of their competitors, Grubhub will make it right. You’ll need to compare the total price you paid for the order to the total price offered by one of their competitors. If Grubhub comes out pricier, they’ll offer you a credit for the difference in price (plus a little something extra for your troubles) off your next order. WOW!

Most of us know the sadness that comes with placing a delivery order for food then having to wait for the order (“Siri, play Marvins Room”). It’s a pain I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Grubhub knows how important timely deliveries are. With their on-time delivery guarantee, if your order doesn’t arrive on time, tell Grubhub. They’ll email you a promotional code for use on your next order.

Grubhub stands behind their seal of approval. If your order doesn’t meet that seal they want to know. They won’t make you wait long to hear back either, most Grubhub Guarantee claims settle within 24 hours.

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