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Discover might not come to mind like Chewy or Disney when you think about customer experiences with model behavior. They don’t have cute puppies or loveable cartoon characters attached to their brand, so it’s easier to fly under the radar.

But Discover is certainly on ours.

After my first interaction with the brand, I was instantly impressed at how little effort I had to dish out – that’s the pinnacle of a great customer service experience for me.

Discover goes above and beyond to deliver great customer service. Agents take their time to help customers through issues that pop up. They’re proactive with fraud alerts – sending texts and calling customers when they spot any suspicious activity. And, customers revel in the easy online experience Discover offers.


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It’s no wonder the company scored the number one spot in J.D. Power’s Credit Card Customer Satisfaction Rankings.

It’s also no surprise that we, too, are crushing on Discover. Making life easier for your customers is a data-backed way to earn loyalty. And, offering a low-effort digital experience, without adding extra stress to agents, sets the stage for great customer service at every touchpoint.

Learn five of the plays Discover uses to deliver standout service, so you can take inspiration back to your own call center.

1. Their digital experience, starting with onboarding, leads to great customer service for life

When you go to the Discover website to apply for a credit card, the process is easy. You click a big button that says “Apply Here” and then you follow the instructions. Pretty simple. But along the way, they combine channels to make the interaction even easier.

Once you get through the first step of your online application process, a secure chat app pops up on the same screen to ask you for more information.

Discover's online experience earns customers for life

Then, you get a text to verify sensitive personal information with two-factor authentication. Once you answer the text, the systems recalibrate. The chat disappears, the application submits, and just like that, you’re done. You’ve communicated through three different channels and you never felt a single pain.

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2. Employees rave about their experience at work

Picture this: customers reach out to your call center and a smiling agent answers the phone. Every. Time. Your agents feel appreciated, supported, and know they have room to grow with your company. Because they see growth in their future, they work harder for your customers. They try to meet their metrics, and they’re open to the feedback you give in coaching sessions. It’s the dream.

Discover comes close to living this dream. Take a quick peek at review websites, and it’s easy to see why Discover’s customer service is so great. They have happy employees. Customer service reps tout supportive managers, growth opportunities and great benefits as a few of the perks of the job. And the cons? Well, some say there aren’t any.

Discover's great employee experience translates to great customer service

And the others? Some employees cite things that come with the territory of being an agent. They don’t call out bad management or a poor experience at the company, though.

A customer service job with support, benefits, and growth? Way to go, Discover

3. Customers have access to self-service channels and FAQs for fast help 

When I have a problem with a product and service, the first thing I do is head to the company website. I punch some letters on my keyboard and start navigating through the website, looking for the answer to my problem.

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In the best case scenario, I find a clear and concise FAQ page or knowledge base with the answer to my problem all typed out and ready to go. I relish the moment when I can solve my own problem and forgo picking up the phone to call customer service. Even my vet’s automated system that recites cat facts while I wait doesn’t entice me to call.

Turns out, I’m a lot like other customers these days. Some 67% of customers prefer turning to self-service help before reaching out to an agent. Discover gives the people what they want.

They have a self-service portal stocked with answers to common questions.

Discover's self-help portal offers answers fast

And, they neatly categorize questions and answers to help customers find what they’re looking for. Plus, they have a smart search function to make perusing even easier. It’ll suggest common topics (kinda like Google does) so customers put in minimal effort to get answers.

Smart search helps customers find answers on dozens of topics

4. They offer customers small but meaningful conveniences

Why ding your credit unnecessarily when you get a free FICO credit score with every credit card statement? Discover offers small, but meaningful perks, like FICO scores and 5% cash back on purchases to make customers happy.

And, they take convenience to the next level with an app that offers the same simplicity as their website and online experience. It offers up all the contact information you’d need to reach out to support. It has in-app FAQs. And there’s even in-app messaging in case an issue stumps you.

5. It’s easy to reach an agent when customers need help from a human

When the self service tools and chatbots can’t answer your question, have no fear, a customer service rep is near.

Discover doesn’t disguise their self-help as a one-stop-shop for all your service needs. Instead, they offer answers to simple questions but still give customers escape routes to a live human. In fact, they make it super simple to find the right department and reach out how it makes the most sense to you. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, the Discover service team is available via email, chat, and by phone.

Great customer service means getting help when and how you want

They post all their service phone numbers on the Discover website, directing customers to the right line for specific needs. If you need help with a bill, you can call billing directly. And if you need to open a new account, there’s a direct route for that, too.

Discover routes customers the right department for better resolutions

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