Featured Image for the blog: Now is the Best Time to Migrate From Avaya. Here's Why.

Avaya was built to serve everybody: from the hair salon that needs 3 phone lines, to some of the biggest names in their respective industries. Enterprises in the airline, healthcare, and banking industries have all benefited from using Avaya’s solutions.

The premise-based solution has been in the telecommunications business for a long time, but limits customers with a lack of native-built features, cloud strategy, and simple pricing structure.

If you’re searching for an alternative solution, SharpenCX is the best platform for Avaya customers’ CCaaS/UCaaS/Telco needs.

Here are 6 reasons why SharpenCX is a great fit for your company.

1. Data and reporting infrastructure that shows ROI.

You have loads of valuable contact center data, and your platform should support you by making it easy to take action on that data.

With SharpenCX, you get the data reports you need, and how you need them. Create custom metrics to gain more visibility into your call center. Use default report templates or build custom reports for free. Choose the insights that matter to your organization and cut out the noise of unnecessary information. Take the insights you receive from your reports, and improve your day-to-day operations.

2. All-in-one solution with an all-in-one price.

Many contact center platforms are created by a variety of bolted-together elements like quality assurance, data, and reporting, IVR, etc. from different vendors. Oftentimes, each of these features comes at a separate cost with maintenance fees tacked on top as well.

Like trying to squeeze mismatched puzzle pieces together, this patchwork platform creates real problems for both your end users and the organization as a whole. And, when each of these parts of your system tries to work together to function as a contact center platform, you’re left with a jumbled-up software mess.

The solution? A platform that gives you the features you need at one price, and built-in to the software, not bolted on. With SharpenCX, businesses can simplify their tech stack and support all organizational communication needs with all-in-one, native CCaaS/UCaaS/Telco.

3. Implement easily, then scale up and down as needed.

When you think about implementing new technology into your business, you might automatically associate it with all the backend work to make that shift possible. And then, once your platform is in place, you’ve got to be able to support fluctuating customer demand. CCaaS that’s agile and flexes right alongside your business is a must.

It’s easy to migrate to SharpenCX due to the platform’s cloud-native infrastructure and intuitive interface design. With just an internet browser and internet connection needed, agents are able to get up and running in no time. And, as demand fluctuates, the platform makes it easy for your contact center to handle spikes in demand. We can scale quickly to add and drop seats as you need.

4. Have more control over your communications with SharpenCX’s enterprise-class telephony.

Robust call centers need reliable service uptime. And, having a highly dependable voice service might be a major reason why you chose Avaya. You need the support of an Enterprise Class Telephony solution to rely on.

We’ve built our own telephony – letting SharpenCX’s customers have more power over their communications. The SharpenCX platform comes fully equipped with the Enterprise Class Service Level Agreement (SLA) that voice communications require.

5. Rest assured with best-in-class security, compliance, and data integrity.

Data security with vendors should not be keeping you up at night. And, you should be able to easily understand the processes outlining how your vendors safeguard customer data.

At SharpenCX, we believe that data processing and protection policies should be easy to comprehend and maintain. We’re committed to being safeguards of our customers’ data and are SOC2 certified, and ensure HIPAA and PCI compliance.

6. Uptime 99.999% SLA.

With a platform that requires an on-site server, any time that server fails, you can expect an outage. If a platform is hosted purely in the cloud, it has failover architecture and data redundancy, so server failures will not impact you.

With a cloud-native vendor like SharpenCX, you won’t have to worry about losing service availability. We promise a 99.999% uptime, so you are guaranteed to only experience 5 minutes and 15 seconds of annual downtime or outages.

You need a secure, reliable platform to manage your communication with your customers and employees. SharpenCX is the best alternative to give your business everything you’ve enjoyed about the Avaya platform and more.