Omnichannel Functionality

Your customers are everywhere. Meet them there.

Interacting with your customers should be easy

Slay the functional silos and the breakpoints of continuity in your customer journey with true omnichannel customer care. Because we’ve built our platform around interaction types like voice, video, text and data, rather than channels, your agents can perform these multimodal interactions with the click of a mouse, and from a single, unified interface. This lets your contact center optimize customer journeys, wherever they happen.

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Move between channels without disconnecting

Connect with your customers where they are, wherever that might be. Because the platform is inherently omnichannel, you can connect or seamlessly move between voice, chat, email, SMS, video, or anywhere else your customers are interacting. That means, if a conversation starts in one channel, then moves to another, you’re not stuck stopping the interaction.

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Omnichannel reporting

Have the data from every interaction, regardless of channel, in one place. And, because all-inclusive reporting is included in every Empower license, you can build reports using data from every channel to find trends and boost performance.

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A single, unified interface

Help agents solve problems in one interaction, no matter what channel a conversation starts on or moves to. Your contact center’s agents have total access to customer profiles, historic data and interaction context, regardless of where conversations took place, so they can personalize experiences.

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Omnichannel routing

When your customers reach out, they want to know what to expect from your customer service team. They need routing based on their issues, not based on their channel. So help them faster. Route them, from any channel, to a bot or live agent, based on their specific interaction needs. This gives your customers a more predictable, delightful experience. And, it gives agents time to focus on more complex issues.

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