Performance Management for Everyone

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An Executive Brief From the Analysts at Frost & Sullivan

About the Performance Management Brief

For decades, mid-sized contact centers have been stuck, battling between investing in improving agent performance or saving the cash and putting it toward their bottom-line growth. But, we don’t have to live this way anymore.

In this brief by Frost & Sullivan (sponsored by us), Nancy Jamison puts an end to the stalemate. Even a small investment in agent performance management pays for itself. You can implement smart and affordable solutions, like performance tiles, to clarify goals and metrics for your team – even without an enterprise budget.

In this brief, you’ll learn:
  • Why so few companies are using performance management tools to improve their operations;
  • How giving agents immediate feedback and access to metrics pays for itself;
  • What modern performance management programs look like in combination with WFO;
  • The benefits you gain from implementing performance management. Today.
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