Performance Tiles

Develop your workforce while proving obvious ROI in your contact center

Align your agents to your biggest goals

A happy agent is one who knows they’re successful – and they know that others know it, too. Our performance management tool, Performance Tiles, helps your agents have visibility into their individual and collective success against known metrics. Tiles help your agents, and their peers and managers, see the metrics that are most important to your organizational successes and understand how they’re performing against those metrics.

Personalized Tile Wallboard

Personalized wallboards in your agent’s view

Tiles is like a personalized wallboard for each agent to see in their Sharpen Q Dashboard when they’re not on an interaction. Leaders will choose three key metrics to monitor, configured at a user group level. Then, Sharpen will serve up how your agent is performing against each metric and where they stand in their peer group. And, the data is refreshed after every interaction, so they know in real time how they’re performing and where to improve.

AHT Performance Tile

The ROI is obvious

By surfacing the performance metrics that matter most to your organization onto every agent’s dashboard, agents know where they need to focus their attention in their interactions. For instance, if average handle time is a key metric you watch, agents know that, and they know how they’re performing (in real time) against it. And, based on the reduction in average handle time, we’ll be able to calculate your return on investment.

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Agent Metrics

Coach to defined metrics

Awareness of your metrics is step one toward improving agent performance. But your guidance and feedback will ramp up the effectiveness of the tiles. Using Tiles to guide your coaching session lets you help agents practice and get valuable feedback from you, their leaders.

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Actionable Reporting

Actionable, relevant reporting

Tiles comes with a new data source so you can see performance metrics for your teams in Insights. Define your date range and select your user group. Then build. Your report will be automatically generated and display all of your user group’s performance metrics.

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ACR Tile

Included in your Empower license

Tiles is included in our platform’s core functionality. That means, it’s not a costly add-on or sold as part of a WFO or WEM suite. So, whether you’re a mid-market organization or a booming enterprise, you now have access to tools that can tangibly help your agent’s performance and engagement at work. And that paves the way for a better customer experience, too.

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