Agent Success Playbook

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Better engagement for better member experiences.

As the “face” of your credit union, your customer service representatives are critical to your call center’s success. So it’s no surprise that their engagement and satisfaction directly impact your member experience.

But being a credit union call center agent (and supervisor) can be challenging. Today’s agents juggle multiple screens, systems, and channels simultaneously—all while managing complex member issues. This fast-paced, high-pressure environment contributes to costly turnover and absenteeism—issues that 47% of managers cite as their biggest challenges in operating effective contact centers.

What can you do to improve agent performance, engagement, and retention?

We’ve assembled an Agent Success Playbook filled with actionable resources to help you unlock untapped agent potential and make coaching and development easier than ever.

What’s Included:
  • eBook: The Benefits of Prioritizing the Agent Experience
  • Blog: 13 Reasons Why Contact Center Agent Success Matters to Your Customer Experience
  • Guide: How-to Guide to Agent Coaching Conversations
  • Case Study: How OLE Health Gained Custom Metrics & Reports to Improve Agent Performance

This curated selection of resources will give you the competitive advantage you need to:

  • Elevate the agent experience and empower agents with data and tools to deliver better member experiences.
  • Build meaningful, trust-based coaching relationships with agents.
  • Streamline agent workflows, reduce handle times, and improve first contact resolution.

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