CCW Market Study: Contact Centers of 2030

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Get a glimpse into the future with exclusive insights and predictions from research into the current and future state of contact center platforms.

Though seemingly distant, the year 2030 will be here before we know it. Ever wondered what the contact center will look like then?

If the pace of technological advancement continues, there’s undoubtedly exciting change in store. Will you be adequately prepared?

To answer these questions, CCW Digital recently conducted exclusive research into the current and future state of contact center solutions. The results inform this Market Study, which provides the predictions, concerns, and opportunities that should be top-of-mind as you look ahead to 2030 and beyond.

Topics include:
  • Predictions about the future of remote work, customer intelligence, AI-driven chatbots, and the cost vs. value center debate
  • The longstanding pain points, complaints, cliches, and challenges contact center leaders believe we will finally solve by 2030
  • The role phone calls will play in the contact center of 2030
  • Insight into what ChatGPT and other AI solutions mean for contact center agents
  • Critical CX initiatives you should be prioritizing right now

Your actions in 2024 can set the course for your contact center to seize these opportunities by 2030. Explore this new market study and gain a wealth of valuable insights to inform your communications channel strategy for this upcoming year and beyond.

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