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Improving Agent Success in a Hybrid Contact Center

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote and hybrid call center models were growing in popularity as companies looked for innovative ways to attract and retain the talent they needed for these critical roles. Companies who had been postponing moving their operations into the cloud and their agents offsite had to make a move quickly to survive.

As restrictions continue to ease, many call centers are evaluating how to take what they learned from the pandemic to design a workforce model that meets their business goals and agent demands for more flexibility.

Workers have made it clear that they prefer hybrid work, but hybrid work models present their own challenges when it comes to call center performance.

Download this guide to learn how to:
  • Accurately measure agent performance in a hybrid contact center.;
  • Deliver a consistent agent experience no matter where your team members are working;
  • Discover how to deliver a consistent agent experience
  • Cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement in the office or out.

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