Frost & Sullivan’s Contact Center Buyers Guide, North America, 2020

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Investing in Agents to Improve The Customer Experience

About the Buyers Guide

It’s impossible to predict or ignore the lasting impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on customer contact. Almost overnight, work-at-home went from industry outlier to essential for survival. Now, it’s expected anywhere from 45% to 65% of agents will remain in a WAH situation for the foreseeable future.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest Contact Center Buyers Guide, North America, 2020, looks at how the pandemic altered the course of customer service, where cloud and hybrid contact centers fit into the industry’s move and what you can do to prepare for tomorrow’s customer expectations.

In this report excerpt, you’ll learn:
  • Which key trends are shaping today’s interactions for a better customer and employee experience;
  • How the vendor landscape is shifting, and what to look for when you’re evaluating options;
  • How to navigate the impacts the pandemic has had on contact center operations;
  • Frost & Sullivan’s vendor-independent research on the Sharpen platform.

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