Customer Experience Has Changed. Are Your Metrics Keeping Up?

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Integrated, agent controlled performance metrics are integral to your customer experience and digital transformation strategies

About the Visual White Paper

While priorities in the contact center shifted temporarily over the last year, they’re swiftly pivoting back to the customer and employee experience in today’s corporate landscape. New tools and technologies have cropped into the marketplace to help agents, and ways to measure and manage the workforce are now more important than ever.

But, using yesterday’s KPIs to measure today’s performance just isn’t going to work. Knowing that customer and employee satisfaction are intimately tied, contact centers that want to thrive in the midst of uncertainty need to look at the interwoven dynamics of performance metrics.

In this visual whitepaper, you’ll learn:
  • The mechanics of customer service;
  • How the changing workforce landscape is changing your contact center’s investment priorities;
  • How to make FCR an agent controllable metric using Active Contact Resolution (ACR);
  • What Frost & Sullivan think of our simplified queue interactions and workflows that empower agents and boost customer satisfaction.

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