Generative AI & Chatbots for Customer Contact

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Gain comprehensive insights into the potential impact of generative AI across diverse industries and essential factors to consider when implementing this technology.

1n the spring of 2023, CCW Digital conducted a comprehensive survey to delve into the potential impact of generative AI. Leaders from various sectors including customer contact, customer experience, marketing, and operations, across companies of all sizes, participated in the survey

The survey yielded intriguing findings, shedding light on several aspects:
  • Unveiling leaders’ authentic perspectives on generative AI
  • Identifying gaps in self-service solutions and how ChatGPT can effectively bridge them today
  • Pinpointing specific use cases where AI automation is deemed ideal, as well as those where human employees should continue to play a pivotal role
  • Unveiling the truth behind enhancing agent performance through AI integration
  • Identifying the major risk factors that pose a threat to the success of generative AI investments
  • Gauging industry sentiment on the potential job loss resulting from the adoption of generative AI
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