How to Humanize CX Using AI & Automation

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Learn how AI can enhance customer and agent experiences and optimize operational efficiency.

AI-powered customer experiences like chatbots and predictive recommendations—once considered competitive differentiators—have become the norm and, more importantly, are now expected by customers. And while contact centers seek to harness the power of AI in their contact centers, many also fear that in doing so, they’ll lose the human element so critical to their brand.

The good news is that artificial intelligence can actually humanize the customer experience.

With AI, you can automate tedious tasks, enabling agents to spend more attentive, undivided time connecting with each customer. Additionally, delivering real-time access to AI-powered customer insights and predictions empowers agents to have a more holistic view of the customer and deliver a more human, personalized experience.

But how do you create this AI-agent dynamic duo? CCW and Sharpen have created a how-to guide to help.

With insights from Adam Settle, Director of Strategy at Sharpen, this guide provides actionable insights on how to:
  • Define what ‘humanity’ means for your brand’s customer experience.
  • Use automation and AI to fill customer data gaps.
  • Understand and address agent concerns surrounding AI and automation.
  • Use omnichannel capabilities to deliver a customer-centric journey.

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Learn to harness AI & Automation for better customer and agent experiences