SharpenCX Announces New Global Partner Program

INDIANAPOLIS (PRWEB) MAY 11, 2022 – SharpenCX announced its new Global Partner Program, focused on enabling channel partners to achieve success levels, driving a unique partner experience, creating strategic alignment, and mutually acquiring new logos together. The partner program is a major move for SharpenCX on its mission to deliver engaging agent and customer experiences any time, anywhere with its agent-first, unified contact center software.

“SharpenCX is committed to creating a pure, frictionless partner experience that will enable partners to close more deals faster, and expand their markets,” says Mike Berlin, Chief Partner Officer at SharpenCX. “We’re looking forward to continuing to grow our partner community while delivering a world class, modern AI solution for customers.”

The SharpenCX Global Partner Program ensures a partner-first mindset, with a true, frictionless partner community experience. The program provides a robust portfolio of benefits for partners to take advantage of to drive more opportunities and accelerate growth, including:

    • Competitive sales incentives;

    • Industry & channel advisors who act as an extension of your business;

    • Partner advisory council membership, giving partners exclusive access to company strategy and product roadmapping;

    • Streamlined transactions which give you the authority to get deals done quicker;

    • Live & on-demand training to build and scale your business;

    • Product & technical support throughout the entirety of the sales cycle and contract.

“With SharpenCX’s new Partner Program, our team is able to be more flexible and competitive in our markets,” says Matthew Toth, President at C3 Technology Advisors. “We’re able to provide timely information back to our prospects, shortening the sales cycle and closing more deals, faster. SharpenCX’s brand and AI platform is an excellent addition to the C3 portfolio.”

“Joining the SharpenCX Partner Community provides us the ability to go to market with a unique and competitive differentiated solution,” says Jeff Pearl, CEO at OTG Consulting. “The frictionless partner program SharpenCX has designed ensures our teams are enabled, engaged, and equipped to compete in our chosen markets.”

BlackFin Square is seeing the results of SharpenCX’s focus on delivering a superior partner experience. “SharpenCX is shaking up what you normally see in a traditional partner program. The newly released SharpenCX program gives us a new and unique advantage to equip our teams to achieve higher win ratios,” says Chris Parker, COO at BlackFin Square. “The program sets us up to ensure customers get the best onboarding and enablement experience in the industry.”

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