[Webinar] 2024 Contact Center Excellence with Execs in the Know

As the “face” of your company, your agents have one of the most difficult and important jobs. Expectations are high for them to deliver with electric speed and authentic empathy. But how can you ensure they have the tools to enable them to deliver on the most basic expectations? On top of that, your customers want quick solutions! The truth is that many businesses feel like there are several factors that are preventing them from hitting the mark and feel it’s high time for a shake-up.

In this session hosted by Execs In The Know, Sharpen’s VP of Marketing dives into the link between agent engagement and customer satisfaction. You will discover how to create interactions that are smooth, tailored, and secure — perfect for keeping up with customer expectations and agent satisfaction. 

CX Leaders will learn about: 

  • Equipping agents with real-time visibility into their performance metrics and peer comparisons without interrupting their workflow. 
  • Personalizing experiences efficiently, reducing search time, and preventing customers from repeating issues to multiple agents. 
  • Tracking, measuring, and incrementally improving agent performance for a positive impact on overall contact center operations.

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