[Webinar] Identifying the Moments That Make or Break Your Customer Experience

Did you know 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for exceptional customer service? And that a single negative interaction can drive away a third of your customers? The key to delivering those unforgettable experiences lies in empowering your customers and your contact center agents.

What are the Key Moments really Matter – and how to address them.

Happy agents equal happy customers. When your contact center is equipped to recognize and respond during the critical moments in every customer journey – those “Moments That Matter” – it shapes customer perceptions, transforms satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, your bottom line. But how do you identify these moments that matter?

Join our exclusive webinar on Wednesday, June 26th at 1 PM ET, featuring contact center expert Laura Sikorski, who boasts over 38 years of industry experience. She’ll reveal actionable strategies to:

  • Pinpoint the pivotal moments that shape customer perceptions
  • Enhance agent engagement and performance
  • Implement best practices that optimize contact center operations for maximum impact

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Identifying the Moments That Make or Break Your Customer Experience

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Laura Sikorski, Contact Center Industry Expert


Who Should Attend:

  • Contact center managers and supervisors
  • Customer experience professionals
  • Anyone interested in improving customer service and agent performance