[Webinar Summary]
Today’s agent experience is complex — to put it lightly. Agents are navigating higher pressure situations, deescalating frustrated customers and working to find real-time solutions to meet growing customer needs. At a time when agents are taking on more than ever before, companies are working to implement solutions that can better support their experience and empower them to deliver better interactions.Looking forward, generative AI is propelling contact centers into a future where exceptional customer experiences are not only attainable, but sustainable. Used as a tool and not a crutch, contact centers can leverage the power of generative AI to enhance customer (and agent) experiences, optimize operational efficiency, and drive long-term success in a new era of customer service excellence.


CCW Generative AI & Chatbots Market Study

Gain comprehensive insights into the potential impact of generative AI across diverse industries and essential factors to consider when implementing this technology. Get the 2023 May Market Study: Generative AI & Chatbots for Customer Contact

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