Say This… Not that

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9 Phrases to Teach your Agents to Improve the Customer Service Experience... And the 9 Phrases Not to Say

Put simply: words matter.

Your agents handle an average of 10 hostile interactions every single day, according to Psychology Today. And after a single instance of bad service, 51% of customers will never do business with your company again.

What your agents say in the heat-of-the-moment matters. We’re sharing a template to help you steer customers back to the path of outstanding service. In it you’ll find 9 phrases, backed by positive psychology, to teach agents to use during tough interactions.

Use it to coach agents to greater empathy and better problem-solving for your customers.

In this template you’ll find:
  • Nine phrases for agents to use in customer conversations, backed by positive psychology and customer sentiment analysis
  • Specific use cases where agents can improve service with positive language
  • How to incorporate the nine phrases into your coaching and training
  • The nine negative phrases to eliminate from your agents’ customer service vocabulary

Ready to coach agents to greater empathy and better problem-solving?