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A few years back, contact center leaders grappled with the term agent experience. The question circulated: did contact center agent experience make a difference in delivering quality customer experience? After some thought leaders and analysts talked about it and many speculated, there remained little data around whether agent experience impacted business outcomes. 

Recent studies, however, indicate there is a direct link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Research from Glassdoor offers data-backed proof that an employee’s experience directly impacts customer satisfaction. 

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In light of high turnover rates plaguing contact centers, leaders are acknowledging the importance of leaning into agent experience as a way to grow their company. 

Since so many contact center leaders are now aligned in the importance of AX, it’s time for us to stop the talk and spring into action. We’re briefly sharing what agent experience means to us, and the steps you can take to improve yours. 

What is agent experience?

Agent Experience is the holistic view of how empowered, efficient, and effective your agents are.

Contact center leaders are swept up in a storm of seemingly conflicting priorities. Companies want to cut costs, grow revenue, and be customer-centric. But in order to meet the demands of both customers and execs, contact center leaders must be agent-centric, first. Prioritizing your team and pouring into your employees the only way to grow your business AND keep customers happy.

The formula is simpler than it may seem.

Happy agents = happy customers

It can feel a little cliche, but that’s because the logic is obvious. In order for your customers to have a good experience, they need to interact with happy and satisfied employees. When you view AX through three dimensions, you have insight into agent performance, customer outcomes, and the feelings your employees have about their jobs. 

2020 and 2021 were years where everyone reevaluated careers and pivoted. Contact centers are facing labor shortage issues just like everyone else. As contact center leaders look ahead, attrition and turnover rates are a primary concern. With overwhelming remote work options available, retaining employees is more competitive than ever. And, maybe your agents are fed up with the lack of training and poor experience they get. 

To fix your AX, start here: 

  • Give agents better tools, with fewer screens to navigate and accessible customer data. 
  • Coach often by sharing 1:1 feedback that’s specific and relevant to the context of their conversations.
  • Create processes and flexible guidelines that empower agents to prioritize customer outcomes over singular KPIs. 

Above all, your agents are humans – not machines. For that reason, you need a multi-faceted approach to make their experience better.

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We originally published this post on August 17, 2018, and we updated it on December 28, 2021.