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We’ve been talking about the benefits of agent experience and training for a while now. And lately, we’ve seen a bunch of new methods starting to crop up. “Gradually, then suddenly,” as Hemingway once said. That’s agent training. Right now.

A study from Deloitte found 63 percent of call centers are expanding their training programs over the next two years. With the emphasis so strongly pointing to a growth in skill and tools, it’s clear that call centers need to be poised to handle complex tasks better and faster. To help, we’re continuing our Definition Series of re-introducing and defining industry terms in 400 words or less for the busy manager. Today, we’re defining the micro-learning method in call centers:

What is Micro-Learning in Your Call Center?

Micro-Learning is a method of agent training that puts miniature lessons into their queue for quick and convenient review.

Said another way, micro-learning is a framework training method to help you stop mining for key ideas and the connective tissue that link training to experience. And instead, allows you to start putting actionable lessons into your agents’ hands (and heads).

It’s time to move past the Cro-Magnon training era: early models of full-day (…or week), disruptive training in the call center. We’ve designed micro-learning lessons to fit within normal interaction SLAs. And they live in a single agent interface, where your agents already spend their day. That makes learning timely, but still flexible around peak queue traffic.

The idea is, by adding lessons into your agents’ queue, you’re giving them the power to internalize and synthesize the information in digestible pieces. And as a manager, you’re able to provide more, valuable feedback when coaching is needed and relevant.

Stay tuned each week as we share more definitions that are crucial to making contact centers better.