Agent Experience

Agent Experience

Empower your customer service agents with a user-friendly platform designed to create unforgettable customer experiences.

Simplify Your Agent Interface

Skip the screen-hopping so agents can get the information they need faster and can help customers more effectively.


Stop Digging for Customer Information

With our simplified interface, agents get deep customer profiles to see past interactions and historic data. That means, they can personalize experiences, spend less time searching for data and serve customers faster. And, customers can interact without having to rehash their pains over and over (and over) to new agents if they escalate or have to re-engage with you.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

The most effective service channel is the one your customer is already using. Let agents focus on why your customers are reaching out, not how. Using SharpenCX, your agents can move between channels with a toggle of a button, without changing screens or pausing the interaction.


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Contact Center Teams

Whether it’s through contextual feedback or frequent training, the way you develop your agents feeds your customer’s satisfaction. To make a positive impact on how your contact center is operating as a whole, you need a better way to track, measure and incrementally improve your agent’s experience to strategically improve your customer’s experience.

Track Performance With Real-Time Data

Your agents won’t have to guess how they’re performing. They’ll have real-time visibility into their work, with scoring metrics against specific targets and peer groups – all without leaving their queue.

Share Feedback in the Moment

Real-time coaching helps positive behaviors become good habits. Review agent interactions and transcriptions, then leave comments and feedback inside the interactions, without pulling agents out of the queue for training sessions. When your agent reviews your notes, they can respond to your comments, ask questions or provide clarity.

Empower Your Agents to Own Their Professional Growth

Foster agent engagement and agent development with timely, data-driven self-coaching. By combining actionable data and contextual coaching and training, your agents can take ownership of their own professional development, giving them greater control over their careers.

Support an Anywhere Workforce

Give your agents the autonomy and flexibility to work anywhere, and still enjoy the same work experience as they would sitting in the office next to you.


Add Flexibility to Your Agents’ Lives

Give your agents the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. Because SharpenCX is cloud-based, as long as your agents have an internet connection, they can show up for work.

Deliver a Consistent Agent Experience

Whether you’re in the office or leading a team of remote agents, your experience will look and feel the same both to the agents and to your customers.


Manage Your Workforce Needs With Confidence

Forecast and schedule the right number of agents with the right skills at the right time so your customers get the very best experience, across multiple sites.


“Since implementation we've seen increased customer satisfaction, better wait times, decreased number of abandoned calls and happier agents.” 

Yecenia Mendoza, Call Center Manager
OLE Health

Empowered Agents Make Satisfied Customers

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