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OLE Health

How OLE Health Gained Custom Metrics & Reports to Improve Agent Performance

OLE Health’s story begins in 1972, when a local farmworker named Placido Garcia introduced the idea that Napa County needed a local healthcare clinic where low-income, uninsured individuals could find access to care. This idea evolved into OLE Health today: a 7 clinic system that serves approximately 40,000 patients.

OLE Health’s contact center primarily handles inbound support calls and outbound appointment calls out of their multiple locations.

Why OLE Partnered with Sharpen

Due to issues with downtime, along with a desire for a more reliable and worry-free non-premise communication environment, OLE Health began the search for a UCaaS/CCaaS platform for its ever-increasing workforce of business users and contact center employees. OLE Health was also interested in finding a solution that would provide them insights into their data that they could use to improve their operations.

OLE Health ultimately decided to partner with Sharpen in 2020 after demoing several vendors, including Genesys, Talkdesk & Dialpad.


Hear from Priyanka Modi, Patient Access Manager, on how Sharpen helps her team at OLE Health.

The Challenge

  • With their previous system, when agents needed to be sent home to work, they had to ensure the software was downloaded on each agent’s computer with a minimum of a two hour setup time. This means agents were not given remote work options unless absolutely necessary due to the taxing contact center software setup process.
  • Agents did not have visibility into their own performance so they couldn’t see how they stacked up against department goals. This made self-managing difficult since they were completely in the dark on what improvements to make.
  • Reporting with the legacy system was subpar and the OLE Health team was unable to create custom metrics. Their reports did not show them the exact metrics they needed to see – leading to inefficiency in how OLE used their data.
  • Change management is always challenging – no matter what the change is. Agents were used to using their old platform, so overcoming change to move to another vendor would be challenging.

The Solution

  • With SharpenCX’s cloud-native platform, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. When the Omicron COVID-19 surge hit in early 2021, OLE Health’s agents were able to work from home with no issue, and without the burden of a time-consuming setup.
  • OLE turned on SharpenCX’s performance tiles and are now able to work with agents on goal-setting and tracking performance over time.
  • SharpenCX’s data science team creates the exact reports they need, when they need them–and empowers the OLE team to build their own. OLE now has custom metric reports for their executive leadership, providing them with the high-level view they need, and day-to-day reports for their contact center managers.
  • With SharpenCX’s Care Team’s agent-tailored demo videos and dedication to client success, transitioning to the SharpenCX platform was an effortless lift.

Your Data, Your Way

Priyanka Modi, Patient Access Manager, Flora Asuncion, COO, & Gary Fedler, CIO wanted unique insight into their data. The SharpenCX platform offers the ability to create your own reports, use default report templates, or even leverage the SharpenCX data science team – for free. This was a huge differentiator that Priyanka, Flora, & Gary couldn’t find anywhere else in their search for a contact center platform.

The data science team created new metrics to analyze and monitor agent performance in new, creative ways, such as agent short and long call ratios. They adjusted metrics based on how the OLE team preferred to calculate those fields. For example, a minimum abandon threshold was developed for each call type to adjust for expected minimum customer patience– the standard abandon definition did not apply to OLE.  Similarly, the flexibility of SharpenCX allows for custom definitions of all important contact center metrics, reports, and BOTS acting off of these unique metrics. While Sharpen is happy to help develop reports, free of charge, Sharpen Insights is available to build your own custom reports and dashboards.

SharpenCX also developed custom dashboards that allow Priyanka to analyze and monitor her agent’s performance, queue activity, caller wait times, etc., in real time.

Client Testimonial

“Once we got connected with their data science team, everything I asked for, they were able to build. The level of customization in their reports was very important to my COO and I. Having the direct support of a data science team is something I knew we would not get anywhere else but Sharpen.”

Priyanka Modi, Patient Access Manager
OLE Health

Implement with Ease

Change management is hard. Whether you’re implementing a change that everyone is on board with, or there’s maximum resistance, there are bound to be hiccups and challenges. Priyanka found that SharpenCare provided the support that she and the team needed to seamlessly move over to Sharpen. With elearning tailored to agents, and the support of the SharpenCare team to lean on, her agents felt comfortable very quickly making the switch to the new platform.

OLE made the transition to Sharpen before the start of 2021, when the Omicron strain of the coronavirus surged through the US. Previously, sending agents to work from home was challenging with their legacy system due to software installation issues on agent’s computers. With Sharpen’s cloud-native platform, transition to remote work was a breeze; all their agents need is a desktop and an internet connection.

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