Performance Tiles

Real-time performance insights for agents and managers

Performance Tiles give agents visibility into their individual and collective success against known metrics. Tiles help your agents—and their peers and managers—monitor how they're doing against the metrics that matter most to your organizational success, motivating performance and enabling course-correction.

Personalized wallboards in your agent’s view

Performance Tiles create a personalized wallboard for each agent right inside Sharpen Q. You can choose three key metrics to monitor and display within the agent interface, and the data is refreshed after every interaction.

The result? Agents always know how they’re performing and where to improve.

Coach to your defined metrics

KPI awareness is the first step in improving agent performance—but agents need coaching and guidance to really move the needle. Use Performance Tiles to guide your coaching sessions and deliver agents valuable behavioral feedback to improve the metrics that matter most.

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Actionable, relevant reporting using insights

Easily and automatically mirror the data from your Performance Tiles in reports in Insights. Simply define your date range, select your user group, and build. Your report will automatically generate and display the group’s performance metrics—so that you can see in-the-moment trends and outliers.

Client Testimonial

“Having the [Performance] Tiles visible for all the agents to use to measure their daily performance really increased their overall performance and I could see that not only in the numbers, but actually listening to the calls.”

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Camille Richardson, Member Care Manager
Five Star Credit Union

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