First call resolution is when your customer's inquiry is resolved on the...(wait for it)...first call

What is First Call Resolution [Definition]

The role of the call center is changing. Your agents have been thrusted into the forefront of your organization. They have become the voice of your brand. They’re one part problem-solver, another part subject matter expert, with a dash of marketing pro mixed in. With so much growing and expanding in the industry, we thought it’d be helpful to re-introduce and define a few industry terms in 400 words or less for the busy manager. Today, we’re defining “What is first call resolution.”

What is first call resolution?

Simply put, first call resolution is when your customer’s inquiry or problem is resolved in a single contact.

The first call resolution metric is one of the industry’s top KPIs for customer experience because it looks at both efficiency and effectiveness. But it’s also one of the hardest to accurately measure.

Ideally, you should look at your first call resolution numbers from the customer’s perspective. But defining success through their eyes means you’ll need an intimate knowledge of your customers.

Use a consistent, concrete formula to accurately measure first call resolution over time. Formulas may differ between companies, but a here’s a basic framework:

First call resolution % = (# of issues resolved on the first call ÷ total # of issues) x 100

Companies with high first call resolution scores see higher customer satisfaction scores. And they have lower operating costs, higher employee satisfaction and, because happier customers are likely to spread the word about your great service, more brand advocates.

One study from Service Quality Management Group found a direct, one-to-one correlation between FCR and customer satisfaction. Or more frankly, for every 1 percent improvement in first call resolution a company has, they’ll see a 1 percent boost in CSAT.

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