Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement

Improve the agent and customer experience across every channel.

Easily Connect with Customers

The Sharpen platform unlocks the full potential of contact center teams by making it easy to connect with customers across all channels, while offering performance management tools that develop agents and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

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Focus on the Interaction, Not the Channel

The most effective service channel is the one your customer is already using. With our agent interface SharpenQ, agents can easily move between channels with the toggle of a button, without changing screens or pausing the interaction – providing a more seamless experience for both the customer and agent. Let agents focus on why your customers are reaching out, not how.

Leverage Customer History

Agents need to view customer interaction history, from every channel, at every touchpoint, all on one screen. SharpenQ adds all customer data on agents' desktops in a simple, easy-to-use interface – which means they'll be able to personalize experiences and spend less time searching for data. If your customer data is in another system, that’s no problem. With our open REST APIs, it’s easy to connect to third party systems, so agents can see previous conversations from all active channels inside your customer database.


Take Back Control

With the ability to create inbound and outbound flows for voice, chat, SMS, and other channels, you can ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience (and say goodbye to the hassle of professional service tickets and long wait times). Through our admin portal, easily order, edit, and route numbers instantly. If you manage multiple systems or databases, our flexible APIs provide lightning-quick connections. Manage users, permissions, queues, and customer journeys all in a cloud-based interface that gives you more control than ever before.

Support a Happy, Anywhere Workforce

Give your agents the autonomy and flexibility to work anywhere, and still enjoy the same work experience as they would sitting in the office next to you. Because SharpenCX is cloud-based, as long as agents have an internet connection, they can show up for work. Equip your agents to interact on any channel, from anywhere, to solve customer problems faster and more effectively. When you do, they’ll be happier and customers will get better service.

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Empower Agent’s Professional Growth

A happy agent is one who understands their success at work. Performance Tiles - our performance management tool - gives agents complete visibility into their individual and collective team success. It helps agents, peers, and managers see the metrics most important to the organizational goals and provides insight to how they’re performing against those metrics. Combined with actionable data and contextual coaching bots, your agents can take ownership of their professional development, giving them greater control over their careers.

Manage Your Workforce Needs with Confidence

With built in performance management, Sharpen gives managers the tools to identify timely opportunities for actionable and relevant agent coaching, and enables them to schedule the right number of agents, with the right skills, at the right time. Managers can review live and historic agent interactions, and leave comments and feedback without pulling agents out of the queue for training. Leverage Sharpen’s Performance Tiles to guide coaching sessions and give agents valuable feedback after every customer interaction



“Couple ACR and CSAT and you suddenly have a complete view of your entire customer experience and also how your employees are performing.”

Aaron Feinberg, VP of Operations

Empowered Agents Make Satisfied Customers

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