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Your Health Idaho

How Your Health Idaho Moves Faster with Helpful Support and Insightful Metrics

Insurance can be confusing. For more than 10 years, Your Health Idaho (YHI) has taken the complexity out of health insurance selection with an online marketplace for shopping, comparing, and choosing the right coverage. Plus, it’s the only place where Idahoans can receive a tax credit to offset the cost of health or dental coverage.

To support Idahoans in their search, YHI’s contact center primarily handles inbound support calls and outbound appointment calls.

Why Your Health Idaho Chose Sharpen

YHI had been with its previous call center software provider for about seven years. But the solution regularly failed to provide insightful reporting and helpful, timely support YHI could count on. YHI began the RFP process with several vendors, including Sharpen. The company’s Chief Information Officer, Kevin Reddish, was impressed with Sharpen’s transparency, thoroughness, and expertise. YHI ultimately chose Sharpen for its thoroughness, expertise, and overall solution package.

Hear from Kevin Reddish, CIO, on how SharpenCX upgraded their customer communication with outbound SMS.

How Sharpen Stunned YHI with Phenomenal Support

After 25+ years in the IT world, Kevin had never seen a telephony implementation run so smoothly as YHI’s initial engagement with Sharpen. One thing that stood out? The level of engagement from Sharpen leaders.

“Our AE knew answers to most of the questions we had, whether it was account-related, technology-related, or about the platform in general,” said Kevin. “It was nice to have somebody that either knew the answers or how to get the right people on the call.”

Sharpen’s attentiveness didn’t stop there. When it needed support, YHI appreciated the timeliness of Sharpen’s responses, which usually came in 5-10 minutes, with final resolution in about 30. This level of support is especially helpful to organizations with smaller IT organizations like YHI who require quick resolutions to keep moving.

Client Testimonial

“SMS has been a game changer. Mobile is king these days, and we get an immediate response whenever we leverage SMS.”

Kevin Reddish, Chief Information Officer
Your Health Idaho

SMS is a Game Changer

One of YHI’s biggest successes with Sharpen has been the ability to add SMS capabilities straight out of the platform. Traditionally, the organization provided support via phone and email, but has found consumers want more real-time responses.

“SMS has been a game changer,” said Kevin. “Mobile is king these days, and we get an immediate response whenever we leverage SMS.”

When a few mobile carriers began blocking YHI’s messages, however, Sharpen stepped in to quickly identify and solve the problem. Instead of letting the challenge create a major roadblock for productivity, Sharpen was able to walk YHI through the process of making updates, completing paperwork, and fixing the root cause.

Dashboards Enable Day-to-Day Visibility

Before Sharpen, it was difficult to access and glean performance insights with YHI’s previous provider. Now, the company can access granular, real time metrics on topics like queues, call times, and individual analyst performance — which it never had before. YHI has built 15-20 dashboards that the customer experience team uses on a daily basis.

The best part? You don’t need a data analyst to walk you through each one.

“It’s very intuitive,” said Kevin. “It doesn’t require someone who’s been in IT for 10 years to jump in and create something usable.”

Implement Confidently

There’s no reason to dread change or telephony implementation anymore. Sharpen makes the process as seamless and transparent as possible with change management leaders and constant support to see you through.

Despite Kevin’s past experience with complex telephony implementations, he’s been impressed with Sharpen’s speed of response, transparency, and reliability. Even during minor outages, Sharpen has followed up quickly with automated email messages, group calls, and a support portal to keep communication flowing.

“From a CIO perspective, it just gives me peace of mind,” said Kevin.

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