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The first time I went to a mattress store to buy a mattress, the whole experience felt awkward. The store was nearly empty, which meant the one retail employee kept hovering near me the entire time. And no one wants a hovering sales rep…especially when you’re trying out beds. 

I tested out several mattresses (for maybe 10 seconds each, because who likes lying down on store mattresses while a sales rep is watching you?). All I wanted was for this whole shopping event to be over. Already exhausted from a day’s work and eager to get out of the store, I picked the first reasonable mattress I saw. But then actually paying for the mattress became a big deal. After filling out a crazy amount of paperwork, I finally got out of there. Fast.

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But I wasn’t done. Because I didn’t want to pay a hefty delivery fee, I would have to pick up the mattress myself. Several days later, I had to borrow a friend’s truck, drive it up to some warehouse, load the mattress onto the truck, and carry it into my apartment.

What a headache.

But now, mattress shoppers don’t have to follow this same, frustrating path.

The mattress-buying experience was something the founders of Casper knew needed a facelift. Casper knew they could remove the pain of buying bedroom gear. How? They focused on building omnichannel commerce and moving most of their sales online–delivering an outstanding experience to customers without an in-store intermediary.

That’s why Casper is our brand crush this month.

In 2014, Casper launched the first mattress-in-a-box e-commerce company. In its first 10 months, they made $20 million. Casper has changed everything about the mattress industry, from reducing brick-and-mortar stores to shipping boxed mattresses to offering a generous 100-day trial.

Here are 4 ways Casper is using omnichannel commerce to build a pain-free customer experience and keep its customers coming back.

1. They humanize the online buying experience

You may not be in a brick-and-mortar store, but you will feel like you are. Casper’s website offers loads of help answering all your questions. And they make it easy for you to connect to a real person. Casper has a live chat button (labeled “Chat with a human”) in the corner of their website. No more digging for the right customer service number… they display their “Call Us” button proudly. Need help deciding which mattress fits your sleep needs? Casper also provides virtual appointments with real Sleep Specialists.

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2. Their seamless online and offline omnichannel commerce provides the best of both worlds

Casper’s original business plan was to sell 100% of their products online. But two years in, they decided to open several retail stores around the country. They also partner with Target and Raymour & Flanigan to sell their products in-store.

Casper blended their existing online channels with their offline retail, which only enhanced the customer experience. This blend has made their omnichannel commerce hard to beat.

If customers still don’t want to try out mattresses in Casper’s stores, they can use the “E-Zzz pickup” option online. You can buy the mattress online and pick it up in the store the same day.

Casper has continued their omnichannel brilliance through the COVID-19 era. They offer two new in-store shopping options to continue meeting customers’ needs. If you’d prefer some privacy and distance while you shop, you can book a Private Shopping time in any of their stores. If you’d prefer to shop from home, you can book a Virtual Appointment. A Casper employee will walk you through the store using  Google Hangouts. 

3. They do the heavy-lifting of deliveries and returns so you don’t have to

Once you’ve bought a mattress, all you have to do is wait. Casper’s couriers will deliver your mattress to your door. In a box. For free. 

Casper knows that it’s impossible to truly test a mattress by lying down on it for one minute in a retail store. That’s why they let you try your mattress at home for 100 nights. Don’t love your mattress after that? Just call or text their customer service line. Casper couriers will not only pick up your mattress; they’ll also package it in a new box and give you a full refund.

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Casper also provides a generous 30-day trial for all other bedding products including pillows, sheets, bed frames, and even dog beds. If you aren’t satisfied with any product after a month, simply ship it back and you’ll get a full refund.

Casper customers have left reviews to boast about how great the service was from start to finish.

Boastful Casper Customer from NY

Boastful Casper Customer from MA

4. They believe less is more. Fewer options make the buying process easier

Studies show that customers are more likely to buy when they have fewer options. We all suffer from decision fatigue. Casper knows this, which is why they offer only three different types of mattresses.

The Original is their most popular mattress. It’s designed for all kinds of sleepers who want both support and cooling.

The Nova Hybrid is for sleepers who want support but care most about plush comfort.

The Wave Hybrid is for sleepers who struggle with aches and pains, providing maximum support and a cooling layer.

Gone are the days of roaming huge mattress stores with dozens of options to choose from. Casper has developed three mattresses that provide comfort and support for thousands of customers.

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Casper also offers other bedding materials including sheets, pillows, mattress pads, bed frames and dog beds. But they take the same approach as with their mattresses: less is more. Three types of pillows. Four types of sheets. Three types of duvets.

Casper has forever changed the game for mattress shopping. They’ve attracted lots of competition along the way, too. But so far, Casper has fought hard to stay ahead of the curve. They continue to provide excellent customer support (for customers both awake and asleep!). Follow the Casper model in omnichannel commerce and you won’t be sorry.