SharpenCX Releases Holistic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform

INDIANAPOLIS (PRWEB) JUNE 08, 2022 SharpenCX launched the first holistic AI platform in the CCaaS/UCaaS industry. The AI platform provides customers with incredible flexibility to build bots that are easily implemented through low code/no-code by SharpenCX or its partner community. Sharpen’s AI tools create a 360 degree experience for call centers by:

    • Precision-routing customers to the right agent before they hit the queue;

    • Monitoring interactions live on the call, and suggesting coaching moments for supervisors;

    • Providing historical data analysis on interactions and presenting trending data for management at key moments.

SharpenCX is on the forefront of innovation in the industry. While the industry is trending towards tools to make agents work faster and more efficiently, SharpenCX has also developed an environment that makes the entire contact center operation more efficient and proactive, leading to obvious ROI.

“While other vendors like Five9 focus on specific tools, such as Agent Assist, Sharpen has focused on building an entire AI environment,” says Ric Kosiba, Chief Data Scientist at SharpenCX. “We’re giving businesses the tools they need to take care of their customers before they even hit the queue, and to learn how they can drive more efficiency in their call center operation from every interaction. This is radically different from our competitors.”

By turning on SharpenCX’s AI platform, Xyngular has seen significant impacts in its call center. “[Bots] helped us reduce costs from our previous chatbot as well as allow 90% of interactions to be self-service and never pass to a live agent,” said Jordan Cotterell, Senior Manager of Member Services. “This gives the customer the quick service they need while allowing our team to focus on the more complicated or escalated situations.”

To learn more about the SharpenCX’s AI platform, click here.

About SharpenCX

Sharpen provides unified contact center software that empowers agents to deliver engaging customer experiences with an all-in-one, customizable platform. SharpenCX is shaking up the CCaaS/UCaaS space with its holistic next-gen, AI platform and agent-first approach. For more information, visit