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Only 1% of contact centers think their data intelligence strategy is perfect, according to CCW. The rest struggle with siloed and inaccessible data and a lack of understanding of their customers. 

That’s why by 2025, contact center leaders (like you) have their heart set on getting a 360-degree view of their customers. 

But a panoramic view into the needs and wants of your customers starts with better reporting. Taking stock reports and applying them to your contact center works to give you basic insights about what’s happening on the contact center floor. But your business is unique, and it needs unique reporting to support it. 

The best actionable data strategies are built when you take ownership over your data, customize it, and distill down into actionable insights for your business. 

When you have access to customizable reports, you can turn your data into action. 

Customized reports give you:

  • Clear and visible metrics to empower and engage your agents. 
  • A grip on the metrics impacting your customer experience, like CSAT, average time on hold, and first call resolution. 
  • Data to inform decisions for a better AX and CX. 
  • A source of truth to prove contact center ROI to your executives, so you win the budget you need for your next big project. 

With reports tailored to your specific business needs, all stakeholders get the info that matters to them most. 

Reporting doesn’t have to be a hassle. And with Sharpen Insights (our reporting engine) it’s not. 

We’re walking through how to build a call center report in Sharpen Insights, so you can learn the basics of building out a report suited to your needs and fast-track yourself to a more perfect intelligence strategy. 

How to Build a Call Center Report

Whether you’re looking to analyze past performance, or track near real-time trends in the contact center, it’s easy to build a simple report in Insights. The data engine collects hundreds of data points for building charts, reports and dashboards. And, you can even use the data to create your own SQL-based Derived Fields to include in your reporting. 

Let’s walk through some basic steps to building a custom report: 

  1. Go to the Insights tab in the Sharpen app.

    How to build a call center report - navigate to Insights

  2. Click New Report in the upper-right corner. 

    How to build a call center report - click new report

  3. Name your report, choose your data source, pick your time zone. (And tag the report with any labels you need). 

    How to build a call center report - name report and pick data source

  4. Click Create
  5. Now, head to the settings bar on the right side of your screen. 
  6. Place limits on the data to include in your report, select the time range, choose your groups, and customize the fields to include. 

    Side config panel for reports

    Pro tip: You can also switch to a live view for any report by clicking the Live toggle in settings. 

  7. Click Build in the nav bar to refresh the report. Then, save it for future use or to include in any custom charts and dashboards you make. 

    How to build a call center report - custom example

Track virtually anything pertinent to your agent and customer experience. And, make sense of the complex data with easy-to-read charts and dashboards. Save them for future reference, share them across teams, or make them live just by checking a box. Then, ship them off to your agents, supervisors, or leadership team for a quick glance at contact center performance. 

How to Turn Your Data into Action

With advanced reporting tools built into your contact center platform, you can combine real-time and historical data to ID important trends within the contact center. You can configure notifications to alert you to specific thresholds, like when hold time spikes or too many agents pause their queues. And, you can turn your reports into custom dashboards and charts to showcase your most important metrics. 

All the information at your fingertips helps you find the source of problems and stop them in their tracks, before your customer experience tanks. This holistic view of your data shows you where agents struggle to provide good service, so you can improve coaching and training to fix it. 

See Sharpen Insights in Action:

Learn how custom reporting can work for your business. Ask us about Sharpen Insights