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Sharpen Omni-Out

An omnichannel outbound solution to connect with customers.
Stop being ignored by customers. OmniOut is an AI-driven, outbound tool that lets you connect with people in the way they prefer. Build campaigns that reach customers automatically by text, email or phone.
omni out

Easily Build Lists or Assign Campaign Groups

With Sharpen, easily share data between OmniOut campaigns and customer databases. Add new contacts or use existing records to create a list and reach customers based on their communication preference. You control the timing and the channel for every step in your outbound campaign to build the cadence that is right for your customers.

Create AI-Driven Outbound Messages Using Agentless Interactions

Automate your outbound interactions on every channel, whether it’s one-to-one or one-to-many. Let customers know a technician is on the way, send appointment reminders, even send notifications for order confirmation and tracking. The possibilities (and channels) are endless.

logic plus

Visually Build Your Interaction Routes With Logic+

Route interactions with our low-code flow builder and see your customer flows come to life. Using Logic+ for both inbound and outbound, you’re never tied to a single channel. You can start a cadence with an email, move to Agentless, and end with an SMS text or phone call. Do what makes sense for your customers and optimize flows based on the data you collect.

Use Data to Improve Your Experiences

Track your conversions, response rates and total impressions alongside every other interaction type in your contact center. Just like all data in our platform, OmniOut data feeds directly into Sharpen Insights so that you can build reports and dashboards that help you (and your executive team) see exactly what’s happening in every OmniOut campaign. Make confident, data-driven choices for a better customer experience.


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