Get Feedback From Your Customers

Customer feedback lets you create smarter experiences and happier customers

See what customers think about their experience

You don’t need to be a research expert to understand your customers. Learn how your customers feel about your experience, what they’d love to see change, and how you can prevent losing them based on feedback straight from the source.

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Know the score with your customers

Customer satisfaction surveys let you hear how your customers feel about the service they’re getting from your agents. They tell you how well your team understands the growing needs of your customers. And, they give you insight on anything in your experience that might turn customers off to give you a competitive edge.

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Improve CSAT with custom surveys

Tap into what your customers are thinking, whenever you want. Customer satisfaction surveys make it easy to get opinions from your customers, measure happiness, hear what they want and then find out what they expect when they interact with you. Poll customers after any interaction type through a text or email for immediate data points on their experience to see where you’re crushing it and what can be improved.

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Get a Free Contact Center Data Analysis

We’ll analyze your contact center data and share insights you can act on to improve your operations (no strings attached).

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Compete on experience

Hearing feedback straight from your customers gives you insights on what they like…and what they don’t. And, it lets you hear their thoughts on where you can make improvements in your customer experience. And when their voice is paired with more data, you can see how to make changes that they’ll love.

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Give your team the data they need to make smarter decisions

Empower your agents to meet milestones and optimize performance based on the customer data you collect in your surveys. Then, use the survey data together with your most important metrics in Sharpen Insights. That way, you can turn real experiences into an actionable plan to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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