Building The Contact Center of Tomorrow. Better Self-Service. More Effective Agents.

A blog post and message from Sharpen’s New Chief Executive Officer, Charlie Newark-French.

At SharpenCX we believe that software exists to serve people.

I joined Sharpen as CEO because of the mission oriented team and the cutting edge solution that team has been able to build.

Our Logic+ platform allows our customers to build advanced self service solutions. This removes the mundane work from agents and lets them focus on the higher value, more difficult work. When a contact center agent does get involved, the Sharpen platform combines consumer-grade user experience and enterprise-grade functionality to empower agents to do what they love doing: making customers happy.

Our platform serves up the information agents need in an easy to digest format. It then gives agents access to their own data on how they are doing – this is an approach to reporting that I have never seen before in this industry.

Customers love the Sharpen technology and the team. The software has allowed customers to increase revenue and reduce overall costs.  As a few examples of value the software currently drives for customers:

  1. At ProtectAll, Sharpen worked with the team to reduce call abandonment rates by over 75%
  2. At Xyngular, Sharpen worked with the team to automate 90% of customer interactions using self serve before handing the remaining interactions over to highly skilled agents
  3. At Velocity, Sharpen worked with the team to reduce average handling times by over 25%

Before using Sharpen, agents across the globe are asked to use outdated software that doesn’t allow them to serve their customers well and inevitably employees quit out of frustration. The state of today’s industry is: high costs, high employee dissatisfaction and turnover, high customer dissatisfaction. Everyone is unhappy. Something must give.

At Sharpen, we’re building a platform that elevates the work of contact center agents and empowers them to drive better customer experiences.

With Sharpen technology, our platform handles the easy, mundane parts of the contact center, and then pulls in a skilled agent quickly when needed.  That hand off to an agent is not only seamless, but the platform serves up all of the necessary information for an agent to do their job.

When you give agents modern software, they can serve their customers more effectively and drive up customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction has real revenue impact.

Over the next few years we’re going to keep investing in our platform to make the lives of real people better. Better software for contact center employees directly drives better and faster outcomes for customers.

We are building a world with better self service and more effective agents.

We are building the Contact Center of Tomorrow.

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